Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Horizon Realty Advisors?

Horizon Realty Advisors is a professional real estate management company based out of Seattle, Washington. We manage properties across the United States and strive to deliver what we call our Pledge of Excellence. Our teammates are trained to go above and beyond in the delivery of our company pledge.

Horizon goes above and beyond to exceed expectations in every facet of the housing experience. With market leading customer service, we strive to proactively anticipate both the needs of our community members and their loved ones.

Horizon serves more than 20,000 community members across the country. With 20+ years of professional management experience, Horizon communities are designed specifically for the resident experience. 

We try to anticipate every need and deliver conveniences to make our community an exceptional place to call home. Look forward to noticing the difference that Horizon Realty Advisors delivers as we as we work hard to build our communities.


What Is The Horizon Pledge of Excellence?

​Our vision at Horizon is to be industry leaders through our superior service, teamwork, integrity, and innovative growth opportunities. Our mission is to provide every customer with respect and service delivered with a sense of warmth, teamwork, and united company spirit. In all ways, we try to be 1% better each day to present excellence to the members of our communities.

What Is Superior Customer Service?

​We take pride in the training and delivery of superior customer service. We like to say, “Yes, We Can!”. We strive to impress our customers by smiling from the first phone call through the final move out walk through. We remember names and use them to say hello when we see you out and about the property. We work hard to anticipate our customer’s needs while attempting to fulfill both expressed and unexpressed needs of our community members.

What Is Exceptional Property Appearance?

​Our team endeavors to deliver exceptional green and gorgeous property appearance in our communities. We love beautiful, clean landscapes meticulously maintained so that our residents can feel happy when they come home. Your guests are our guests…we care about how we present to them and to you.

What Makes Us Market Leaders?

​We believe that our work is the presentation of our capabilities. We want you to want to live with us because of the excellent work we do. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work within our Horizon communities. We hire and recruit the best staff teams to serve our customers. We splash our community colors loudly and proudly as you drive into our communities! We want you to know that you are HERE with US and we are HORIZON!

How Do We Execute Innovative Growth?

​We have team members dedicated to driving the smart fiscal management of our communities which in turn saves our community members dollars. We research local energy rebate programs to conserve utility costs for residents and prevent wear on our buildings and appliances. We embrace innovations as they spread across the country including electronic vehicle charging stations when we are able to work with local regulations on approvals. We are earth lovers and conservationists as we deliver our fiscal responsibility goals to our customers.

What Is Nearby?

​Whether you have just moved in or are visiting a friend/family member in our community, here are a few of our favorite places to eat, shop, and play!

Eats & Treats

Starbuck’s – 5 min walk
Sourdough & Co – 5 min walk
Roma Pizzeria – Our Fave Local Pizza Award - 5 min drive
Ettore’s Café and Bakery – 8 min drive
Café Bernardo at Pavilions – 8 min drive
Melting Pot – dinner experience with fondue - 16 min drive
Bacon & Butter – breakfast – 7 min drive
Lazi Cow Boba – 8 min drive
Joe’s Crab Shack – Old Sac - 17 min drive
Firehouse – Old Sac – fine dining – 22 min drive
Iron Horse Tavern – Ask for Will – 14 min drive


Trader Joe’s – health conscious groceries - 5 min drive
Grocery Outlet – health conscious groceries and home items on discount - 5 min drive
Corti Brothers – meat, sandwiches, etc – 5 min drive
Target – 7 min
Folsom Outlets – outlet mall name brand shopping – 18 min
Fountains at Roseville – all types of shopping – 34 min

Local Fun

Old Sacramento – browse the stores including Candy Heaven! - 16 min drive
Midtown Farmer’s Market – Sacramento is the US Farm to Fork Capital! – 15 min
State Capitol Park – World Peace Rose Garden – 17 min
Indoor Go Karts – 10 min
Roller King – roller skating - 32 min drive
Top Golf – Outdoor golfing range with snacks – 40 min

Nature Trips

Sac State Aquatic Center – rent kayaks, beach available - 17 min drive
Folsom Lake - Granite Bay Entrance – Lake Day - 35 min drive
Lake Clementine – hiking to dam with waterfall – 54 minutes
Baker Beach – Golden Gate views - 1 hour 49 min
Point Reyes – 2 hours 24 min
Manresa Main State Beach – 3 hours 5 min
Carmel Beach – 3 hours 31 min

Thinking Of Moving In?!

​We are so excited that you are in the exploration phase of becoming a member of our community! We have added a few of the FAQs that we receive from folks who are thinking about moving into The Phoenix. If you have other questions beyond this brief list, feel free to email us at [email protected].

What Is The Waitlist?

​Our waitlist is designed to assist people in reserving homes more than 30 days in the future months.  When you apply for one of our waitlist spaces, we reserve a specific floor plan for you for the date you request. The actual apartment assignment will not happen until about 30 days before your actual move in date.

How Does Pricing Work?

​Our prices are set by a pricing system that works similarly to airline tickets. When we have low availability or a busy season, the prices climb. When we have higher availability or a slower season, the prices tend to be lower.

What Is A Holding Deposit?

​To reserve an apartment, we require a $200 holding deposit. This holding deposit is non-refundable should you decide to withdraw your application. Your overall deposit amount will amount to $500.

What Can Be Submitted As A Form Of Income?

​Two months of most recent pay stubs, tax forms from previous year, and/or 6 months of bank statements.

How Can I Expedite The Application Process?

​We totally understand the need for speed in some housing situations. We strive to get application responses back to folks within 48 business hours. As an applicant, you can help expedite the application process by ensuring all documents are present during the online application process. In addition, you can inform your current landlord that we will be calling for a landlord verification. Many times giving them the heads up will help the process to move more quickly.

Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

Our company requires that all residents have $100k liability coverage. For your convenience, we offer a plan to fulfill this requirement. The cost for this plan is $15 per person over 18 per month (through 2024).  You may waive this coverage if you already have liability insurance through another provider however, you must submit a copy of your policy for review so we can ensure it meets our property requirements.  Opting out of plan coverage and submission of an alternative policy must be done within our portal
We also offer Personal Contents Coverage (PCON) for $5 per person per month (through 2024).  Though this is not mandatory, if you would like to waive this coverage you must opt out of the plan within our portal


​Build your credit by paying your rent on time! Rent Plus is an add-on service that enables you to build your credit by simply paying your rent on time. This means no additional lines of credit, no loans, no credit cards, and no high-interest rates. Pay your rent on time each month and Rent Plus will take care of the rest. Ask the office for details about enrolling!

What Is An RV Index?

​The RV Index is a risk score based on several factors. It is an innovative move in qualifying criteria used to screen and qualify applicants and guarantors.  By using this inclusive index opposed to our prior practice, we take a step toward future industry standards of fair practice. Depending on your property, an RV index of 40 or 50 will need to be achieved.  Instead of just credit score and income, the index looks at several factors such as:
1. Payment history on all trade lines
2. Ratio of rent to income
3. Ratio of debt to income
4. Collections
5. Ratio of positive to negative credit lines

I Just Moved In. What Do I Need To Know?

​Welcome to our community! We are so excited to have you with us here at The Phoenix. We have noticed a few things that are important for our new move in friends to know. Hopefully, you had a chance to read the full lease but we know that moving gets crazy so we will highlight a few things here for you.

100 And 200 Bicentennial

​We have two sides of the property…100 Bicentennial and 200 Bicentennial. This means that there are two of every apartment number. So, when you are having pizza and packages delivered make certain that you get the address correct for the delivery folks or you will be delivering pizzas to your neighbors on the other side of the property. If you add your building number to your address, this will help your deliveries make it to your door.

Amenity Scheduler

​We invite you to make your first appointment via our amenity scheduler HERE !!! We are so excited to have you in our community and want you to start enjoying it ASAP. Make certain to have your resident ID card with you along with your appointment confirmation for whichever amenity you are enjoying at the time.

Luxer One Package Room

​The United States Postal Service delivers all packages to the Luxer One room in the main clubhouse. You will receive a link in your email on file with a number code to enter at the package room. All other package carriers will deliver packages to your door. The office is unable to accept packages for residents.


​The 100 side mailboxes are by the main pool. The 200 side mailboxes are by the basketball courts. Both mail rooms have hours from 8 am till 10 pm. Thanks for picking up mail daily! Our post lady, Anita, appreciates it.


We require parking permits for all vehicles between the hours of 5 pm and 7 am. We do enforce this to ensure that all residents are able to find parking during late hours of the night. Please ensure that your vehicle’s parking permit is displayed at all times to avoid a tow.
Guest pass parking is available in the office during office hours if you have an overnight guest that will plan to stay the night. If your guest is here after the office closes, please advise them to park on Bicentennial outside the gate to avoid a tow from the community. Also, please have them read the parking rules on Bicentennial to have their car moved by the proper time in the morning to avoid a ticket from the city.
Reserved lot parking is available if you would like to rent a second assigned space for an additional monthly rate. This lot is near the basketball court and requires a special hanging tag.

Patio/Balcony Appearance

​As a part of our vision to deliver exceptional property appearance for our community, we regularly inspect patio balcony areas. Please ensure to review acceptable items on the patio/balcony areas. Trash, recyclables, and pet waste areas are not approved. Outdoor furniture, green plants, and other outdoor items are acceptable.

Valet Trash Program

​Our valet trash program rules are outlined on the valet trash addendum of the lease. We enjoy providing this service for residents. One double tied trash bag is allowed daily between the hours of 6 am and 8 am. No trash outside of those hours is allowed outside of the doors to prevent attracting pests. Thank you for helping us keep the property looking amazing!

The apartment I was looking at is no longer available. Are there other Horizon communities in Reno?

Our communities do fill up quickly. If for any reason you’re not finding just what you’re looking for, here is a list of other Horizon communities in Sacramento that will offer the same great customer service! 


Click the name below to visit their website. 

Horizon Communities